Ding Ding class please take your seats school is now in session.

I have arrived, recovered from jet lag and set up my classroom all in the span of less than 3 weeks. I have also sort of unpacked my room so that it is livable. Everything is away and off the floor if not unpacked from its bag or box. I’ll take it at this point. 🙂 The important places are unpacked and ready, my classroom and The Lab.

I have also resumed attending my life group and was able to celebrate my birthday with them. I also celebrated with my co-workers. The custom here is for the celebrant to provide a treat for their friends. I asked my friend Adette to cater a simple lunch for the teachers and staff of Bethel on my actual birthday. It was actually very welcome because we all worked very late due to parent orientation that night.

I am getting to know my housemates. We are from very different cultures and we have had fun exploring together and learning about each other. They have shared an interest in learning about God and we have had several good conversations about Him. We are going to read Mere Christianity together once things calm down and settle into a routine. We did have fun watching War Room together too.

August is the month of language and so in these pictures you will see the students wearing traditional costumes. I am wearing a shirt made out of pineapple tree.

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