Carolina on my mind

My recent trip to North Carolina had it’s ups and downs. I mean that literally one of my tires kept going down and I had to fill it back up! Thankfully the rental place swapped the car for one without a leaky tire!

North Carolina is a beautiful state. I drove though a lot of it visiting churches and I met some of the nicest people along the way. Particularly Pastor Kent from Grace Fellowship and Pastor Andy from Nags Head, who have come on board as prayer partners and encouraged me on my journey.

My time in North Carolina was mostly work with a little fun tucked in for good measure. One of my dearest friends celebrated a milestone birthday. It was such fun to celebrate her and to meet her friends. It was also fun to share some Filipino food and culture with her as we indulged my craving for Filipino food at Asian BBQ & Grill. The food was amazing and the conversation with the staff was even better. If you are ever in Winston Salem look them up!

My friend participates in a art program that re-purposes old cigarette machines to sell art. They are called Art-O-Mat. We stopped at a machine at an arts center and surprise her items were in the machine!

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