That aha! Moment

School has been back in session in the  Philippines for a few weeks now. I am sad that I am not there for my students but I have gotten a few “Ms? are you there? messages on Facebook. What I  love most is when I  learn from those teaching moments. “Ms. can you help me write a speech?”

Of course I said yes and asked her what her for the topic. She told me she was running for student government. I asked for her platform. “platform?” she asked. As I explained that when someone runs for office it is called standing for office all of a sudden it hit me, why it is called a platform. Because all the stuff you plan to do when you are in office is the platform you stand for election on duh!

While it is cool to realize something new, what is even cooler is knowing my students really do believe they can reach out to me and ask for help. I hope as they progress into their teenage years they will reach out with to me with more than homework help but with the difficult things in life.